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Guideline/Drug Updates and Errata

The RxPrep Course Book is published annually. The year on the cover should be the year in which you are testing. Information in the Course Book is up to date at the time of publishing, but drug information can change rapidly. Refer to the Updates on this page for NAPLEX-relevant information that becomes available before the next RxPrep Course Book is published. Guideline updates that may be relevant to NAPLEX are included. If we find anything that needs a correction or clarification in the RxPrep Course Book it will be included in the Errata table on this page. Guideline/Drug Updates and Errata for the previous version of the RxPrep Course Book (2019) can be found at the bottom of this page.

2020 RxPrep Course Book

Guideline/Drug Updates
NAPLEX-relevant updates from June 2019-May 2020

Page Update Type Description
Chapter 44: Diabetes
p. 659 Labeling Change The room temperature stability of the Toujeo pen has changed to 56 days.

Corrections or clarifications for the RxPrep Course Book

Page Description
Chapter 1: Preparing for NAPLEX with RxPrep
p. 10 and
p. 26
In the Dose Conversions section of the Required Formulas Checklist (p. 10), the Required Formulas Sheet (p. 26) and the Required Formulas tear-out (at the back of the RxPrep Course Book), the page number for Calcium Salts and Aminophylline ↔ Theophylline should be p. 183.
Chapter 35: Anemia
p. 549 For the Key Drugs Guy titled “Select Drugs that Can Cause Hemolytic Anemia,” all drugs in the front and back box are “must know” for testing. Valproic acid should be removed and replaced with sulfonamides.
Chapter 43: Tobacco Cessation
p. 630 The 12-week schedule for nicotine gum and lozenge is missing from the table:

Weeks 1-6

1 piece Q1-2H

Weeks 7-9

1 piece Q2-4H

Weeks 10-12

1 piece Q4-8H

Chapter 44: Diabetes
p. 656 The Study Tip Gal titled "Initiating Basal-Bolus Insulin" is intended to serve as an example and should have the following instructions: "Start a basal-bolus regimen with Lantus and Humalog in a 70 kg patient using a starting dose of 0.6 units/kg/day."

Download 2019 RxPrep Course Book Guideline/Drug Updates and Errata

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