We are pleased to announce that the new UWorld | RxPrep suite of pharmacy licensure review products will be available in early July.

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With 3700+ Test Bank questions and 80+ Course Book and Video Lecture topics, we have everything you need to be successful!

The RxPrep NAPLEX Course Book contains all of the essential content for the exam. Our experienced pharmacy team emphasizes the “must-know” information, making it easy to learn. Popular features include Study Tips, Case Scenarios, Key Drug lists, Top Seller Drugs and a Required Formula tear-out sheet. The Course Book should be used with the Video Lectures and Test Bank.

The Online Course contains 80+ Video Lectures that correspond with each chapter in the NAPLEX Course Book. Follow along as our pharmacist instructors review the important concepts. Watch from start to finish for a topic refresher or revisit only the sections you need using the Video Lecture menu. Test Bank questions link directly to the related video content needed to answer the question.

Assess your knowledge with 3700+ practice questions in the RxPrep Test Bank. Questions have answer explanations that direct you to the appropriate section of the Course Book. A “flashcard” feature allows you to save, group and shuffle questions you want to revisit later. Summary reports of your test performance help guide where further studies are needed with direct links to the Course Book and Video Lectures. When you have mastered the material, use the comprehensive Practice Exams to assess your readiness to take the exam.

Ready to Take Your Law Exams?

Prepare for the MPJE

The RxPrep MPJE Course Manual, Video Lectures and Test Bank cover federal law. A 90-Item Practice MPJE Exam is included. Two state-specific summary sheets of your choice can be included with your purchase.

Prepare for the CPJE

The RxPrep California-specific law review includes a Course Manual, Video Lectures and Test Bank. A 75-Item CPJE Practice Exam is included.

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The RxPrep Video Lectures app is ideal for reinforcing your preparation for your pharmacy board exams with on-the-go video lectures. Watch engaging video content corresponding to course chapters, review video lectures you are struggling with all from the convenience of your mobile device. Whether studying for the NAPLEX®, MPJE®, or CPJE®, RxPrep's video-and-performance tracking app is available to you for free.