RxPrep Frequently Asked Questions

What is your passing rate? How long do I need to prepare?
Candidates have different levels of knowledge and experience when they begin NAPLEX preparation. Some have just graduated with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree. Others have a pharmacy degree from 10-20 years ago and have not worked in recent years, or they have a bachelor’s degree from a foreign university and have earned the foreign pharmacists certification.
For these reasons, the time to prepare varies, as does the passing rate.
To pass, make a commitment to follow these instructions:
  1. Click on the navigation tab called Student Resources.
  2. Under the tab you will find the link called How to ACE Your Exams: Read This! which contains instructions on how to study and create a study plan. Read the instructions on the website carefully. They are briefly summarized here:
    • Create a Study Plan.
      • A schedule is essential; without a schedule, it is easy to run out of time and test without adequate preparation. There are many topics to review and learn.
      • Download the Excel Form from the website to make your schedule; it includes a drop-down menu which will help you populate the schedule with the topics you need to prepare.
    • Study the Clinical and Math Chapters.
      • If you do not know a topic well, watch the Video Lecture with the Course Book in front of you, highlighting the information you will need to review. Then, test yourself with the matching Test Bank/s.
      • If you know a topic well, go directly to the Test Bank/s. If you score < 70% on the test, you do not know the topic well and should watch the Video Lecture or carefully read the chapter to review the material.
      • WITH ALL STUDY METHODS you must learn the Test Bank questions that you missed or were not sure about.
      • There are two options described in the study plan that will help you learn the missed Test Bank questions. Preferably, use the index card method; the retention rate is higher than using the heart method (selecting the heart in a missed question, which makes an online flash card). With either method, do not skip explaining the question and answer aloud, in your own words. The instructions to do this are simple and written out in detail; please read them. It is important to do this right.
      • Calculations are a large part of the exam. They are best mastered through repetition. Use the Required Formulas sheet and Checklist in Chapter 1.
    • Take the RxPrep Practice NAPLEX Exam.
      • Take this two weeks before your test date to determine if you are ready for NAPLEX.
The same steps can be followed for MPJE and CPJE, which will take less time. The point for both: learn the Test Bank questions and understand why the answer is correct as the wording will be different on your exam.
I have the 2019 Course Book, do I need the latest Course Book?
You can use either the 2019 or 2020 version of the RxPrep Course Book if you are taking the NAPLEX by the end of 2019. However, if you feel that the new additions would be helpful, you might wish to get the new version.

Generally, there is a lag time before new information is incorporated into the exam (several months or longer) and the board does not specify the length of the lag time. The experts at NABP need to review the new guidelines and write the questions. These pretest questions are usually tested for validity and do not count toward your score.

NABP does not usually test on outdated material or guidelines. If the answer to a question would differ using the previous or new guidelines, it is always best to answer the questions with the newest information available.

We post guideline updates we think are most useful on the Updates and Errata page, available under Student Resources on the RxPrep website. I suggest that you check this page periodically for important updates.

The 2019 edition is current for 2019 graduates.
I have already purchased the 2020 Course Book on Amazon. Can I purchase the Online Course without purchasing the Course Book again?
For those who have purchased the 2020 book, you can purchase the 2020 Online Course without the Course Book here. With the Online Course package, you can choose a 6 or 12 month subscription to the course library (82 topics), which also includes access to the 3,500+ question Test Banks and help from the clinical pharmacy team.
I want to start studying right away. When can I expect my book to arrive after ordering it online?
All the Course Books ordered from the RxPrep website are shipped via Amazon shipping, which uses a few different delivery options. You will receive an email that includes the shipping provider and tracking number once your text ships. If you use the standard "free shipping”, it takes 5-10 business days for the text to arrive. If you need the text faster, choose "Expedited" shipping which costs $10.50. The text will arrive within 2-4 business days. You can access the online content immediately (videos and Test Banks) after your purchase. Start with Chapter 1, which will help you get oriented and read the instructions on how to pass, as described in Question 1.
I purchased the book and the Test Bank. Can I get help from the clinical pharmacist?
We would like to provide assistance to the students who are using the Test Bank or Course Book, but we price these as affordably as possible and teaching support is not included with this pricing.

If you need help, you may find this option of value:
Our pharmacists provide clinical help for students that have purchased and have current access to the Complete Online Course, with Video Lectures. This option includes the complete video lecture series (the video sections match up to the chapters in the RxPrep Course Book), and the corresponding Test Bank assessment. If you would like to consider this option, you can purchase the Online Course here: RxPrep 2020 NAPLEX Online Course. Clinical help is provided to students with current Online Course access includes up to 5 questions, per calendar month, for the NAPLEX Online Course as well as the MPJE and CPJE Online Courses.

Please keep this in mind if you decide to purchase the Test Bank alone: If you are missing a question here or there, you likely do not need the Online Course. Just keep track of what you miss (with the index cards, or the hearts; see above), and learn what you missed. We have found that students who miss many items on the Test Bank will not do well on the exam. These questions are all “basic competency” and must be known well. If you have a score below 70% it is unlikely that you will be able to master the material by reading books alone; although the material is all in our text, it’s a lot to retain for those who are missing much of the basic information. The online lectures will help quite a bit with retention. We use videos that include device demonstrations and graphics designed to enhance your drug knowledge. Many students do exceptionally well with this program.
Are Course Books available in PDF?
Due to copyright infringement and to prevent illegal sale of our course materials, we do not offer a digital version of the RxPrep Course Book at this time. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our products and are in discussions to make an eBook version an option in the future.
Can I purchase the Online Course for a month or two?
RxPrep online comes with 6 or 12 month access only.  We discussed offering shorter time periods, but the cost was not different; the primary cost (to us) involves keeping the material current and the initial set-up and Course Book cost, and this does not change with 3, 6 or 12 month access. The Online Course includes our help, as needed, and you should feel welcome to contact us with any question.
I am going abroad for a rotation, and I won't be able to study RxPrep during that rotation. Is there any way to get reimbursed for the time I am not using the course?
If you are unable to continue your studies on either the Test Bank or Online Course, notify the office by email at support@rxprep.com. We will put a hold on the service.
To reinstate your Test Bank or Online Course, you will again need to notify the office by email at support@rxprep.com. When we have removed the hold, you will receive an email with the remaining number of days left on your account.
We are not able to credit back or extend online access that has not been used retrospectively; thus, please notify us at the time that your studies are interrupted. If your studies have been interrupted, please contact support@rxprep.com to place your account on hold. You may place your account on hold for up to 30 days a maximum of 2 times.
Do you offer post-course pre-exam assessment?
The Test Bank includes a NAPLEX-style practice exam. For students who use the online video course, our instructors can further assist with assessing when you are ready to test.
Can the Test Bank exam be taken multiple times?
You can choose to retake just the questions you missed or the whole test for any section in the Test Bank. Just click on the topic area you'd like to retake and the buttons for "retake missed questions" and "take test" will appear.

If you didn't fully complete the test the first time, the “retake missed questions” button will not be available – you will need to finish the questions first.

There are no time constraints or limitations on how many times you can retake the test. As long as you have current access to the Test Bank/Online Course, you have access to the online content. 
Are the Test Bank exams timed?
The Test Bank exams are not timed. However, there is an option to turn off the feedback on any of the Test Bank sections so that timing yourself can be done without taking sneak peeks at the feedback. The Practice Exams do not give feedback as these are designed to simulate the actual exam; t he feedback mode only applies to the Test Bank exams.  
Will I be prepared for the CPJE using the RxPrep Online Course only?
The RxPrep course provides a complete study guide for the clinical (drug) content of the CPJE.

You will also need to know the basics of California pharmacy law, which is in the RxPrep California Law Summary for CPJE.

You need the Complete Online Course (which you used for NAPLEX) and the CPJE Online Course for California law.
Are the Videos and Test Banks accessible from my phone or tablet?
Yes! The RxPrep app is available for both iOS and Android devices. Download the apps to your device and take your studies wherever you go.
Is the RxPrep Online Course accessible in airplane or offline mode?
You can download the Test Bank/s and use them in an "offline" mode. Due to copyright infringement, our app cannot be used to download the Video Lectures.
Can I get a discount for the 2020 Courses Book since I already purchased the 2019 Course Book?
We do not offer many discounts ourselves.  On occasion, we offer a group rate for the Online Course. We require a minimum of 40 students in a group, or from a pharmacy meeting.

We do our best to make the courses affordable by pricing the products as low as possible. We were students ourselves, and understand that during this time budgets are very tight.
Do you provide state-specific information with the MPJE course, such as information that Arizona or Washington tests (but is not federal law)?
With your purchase of the MPJE course you are entitled to state-specific information for 1 or 2 states. Email support@rxprep.com and let us know which state/s you are testing in. You will receive the state-specific information by email.  (The course already includes some of the commonly-tested items that are specific to each state, such as the pharmacist-intern ratio, tech requirements and required CE hours). Be sure to check the state board's website to review the state’s requirements for their law exam. These can change suddenly. Additional state-specific information, beyond the 2 states provided with your purchase of the MPJE course, may be purchased at $22.50 for each additional state. Email support@rxprep.com and inform us of the additional state-specific information you are interested in purchasing.
I need a little more time to prepare for the exam. Is there any option to buy shorter period of Online Course access?
If you have already purchased an Online Course package and need some extra time to study, an extension can be purchased at the online student discount rate. The cost for the online access extension is $148 for 60 days. Each extension must be purchased within 90 days of your expiration date.
I passed NAPLEX a few years ago and have been practicing pharmacy. I am interested in taking CPJE. Will the CPJE Online Course prepare me or do I also need RxPrep?
The CPJE includes many drug questions – similar to the NAPLEX. If you know the drugs well that are used in the community and hospital setting, you may not need the complete NAPLEX Online Course; you may be able to use the Course Book only for select topics. Caution: if you have been working solely in a narrow type of practice setting, it is likely that you will need the full course.
Can I watch the Video Lectures offline?
The "offline" mode is only available for the Test Banks. You can download Test Banks and then view it in an "offline" mode. Due to copyright infringement, the app does not allow students to download the Video Lectures.
How do I find Test Bank questions?
Once you are logged into your RxPrep account, click on the My E-Learning Tools tab, and check that the NAPLEX tab is clicked at the top of your screen. The topics will be listed alphabetically. Once you click on an individual topic, you will see the Video Lectures listed under Lectures and the Test Bank exams listed under Tests.
Will all the information in the Course Book still be current if I plan on taking the exam in the summer or fall of 2019? Should I wait on buying the book?
The 2019 edition is current for 2019 graduates and will remain current (enough) for those testing through the end of 2019.

Do you offer group discounts?
Please contact your Dean or a school faculty member regarding access to RxPrep Course Materials at a discounted rate. It may be that your school has already made arrangements for your class to receive a reduced rate.

If your school or employer is not using RxPrep, and you wish to arrange a group rate for your class, just ask. We provide this for many schools and employers. Let us know approximately how many students you have in your group (we require a minimum of forty) and we will send back information for a student-orchestrated class rate. It's easy to set up.
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