Pharmacy Basics: Math Basics and Top Seller Drugs

Pharmacy Basics: Math Basics and Top Seller Drugs
Review the first Calculations chapter in the RxPrep 2019 Course Book    it covers basic math skills required for NAPLEX-level calculations. Test your basic math skill here.

The Top Seller Drugs Test Bank includes brands, generics, uses, and key concerns.

This is must-know knowledge required for NAPLEX-level study.

Examples of content in the Top Seller Drugs Test Bank:

Benadryl is diphenhydramine. It is used for allergies and insomnia.
Key issue? It's sedating.

Aricept is donepezil. It is used for dementia. Key issue? It causes nausea. 

If you did not know the basics in these examples, begin your NAPLEX preparation with the fun test banks in this course.


A 90-day subscription provides adequate time to master the top selling outpatient prescription drugs    and a few drugs that are available by prescription and OTC.

An inexpensive and quick way to get yourself ready to dive into NAPLEX preparation without feeling lost!

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